Have you ever had that sudden bursts of motivation? Like you woke up from a nap or you listened to a great person and all of a sudden want to do exploits, eat healthy, or find the cure for Lasa fever,Ebola and yadayada * Yelz, e strong laidat shaa* 😂 😂. ? But then reality settles in and you just roll over and sleeps back.. That has been me! Basically, I am such a motivated person. My problem is that, I’m not sure how to get to where I want to be, or really just how to start! I feel like I have so much creativity and ambition, but I’m not sure how to put it into my future, or to start something new. I have had a few things on my mind lately, and basically, one thing I know about myself is, I do love sharing things with people! *Mr. Feargod, come and see that secretive human being talking.* ANYWAYS, I love social media because I get to be creative with my hands and talk to people, and share what’s going on even though probably nobody cares,save my hubby, shoutout to my nigga!!❤ But really, I’m constantly trying to think of what can I do today that is going got help me reach, what I want for tomorrow. I look at two of my Facebook friends; Precious Nebolisa and Adaosisiego who started their own Fashion Accessories business and Fashion Designing respectively, at a very young age. And a whole lot of buddies on Instagram and Twitter.They had a vision, they figured out what step it would take to get there, and pursued it!

Okay, anyways that is what I want to do!! Not necessarily start a business, but to take action on the things I am passionate about. So what is it that I am passionate about? Well, I love writing, reaching out to people, photography, videos, fashion (OMG, looku who’s talking) etc. So,where is a good place to build something like that? SOCIAL MEDIA! That’s why I started this blog, so I can share all of those things with you on here, at any time! I have thought a lot about starting a YouTube Channel where I would share stuffs about my natural hair since I am not a makeup person. So, I guess right now, my first step is to wait on God to give me the green light for a door to open! A revelation I have had is that I’m going to end up exactly where God wants me to be, and that’s where I’m going to be my happiest! It’s just hard to have that patience. Firstly, I’m aware that this doesn’t apply to everyone reading this specifically, but I think it does in the fact we all stress about our futures and who we are going to make ourselves out to be.Enjoy where you’re at right now, and you will get to where you want to be in the right time.I want to know what your dreams are and what you’re passionate about! So, comment down below.Hopefully, this reassured you that it is okay not to know what you want or how to get there. We all go through it, and in the end, God got ya!

With love,



1. I am a Nigerian and have lived most of my life in Nigeria but I’m a bit of a traveller as well.( Been travelling to different STATES in NIGERIA, gotcha??😋., Never been outside the shores of Nigeria)
2. I currently live in the Eastern part of Nigeria.
3. I’m a graduate of Estate Management from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. It’s not been the easiest journey but thank God I’ve managed to stay on top of my game.
4. I’m an introvert but I’m working on projecting myself more. I’m also open-minded when I do interact with people.
5. I’m very passionate about the things and people I care about – I don’t give up easily.(Situations are making me to have a change though)
6. I am married to an awesome husband who I call Mr CEO; jack-of- all-trade-master-of-all.An account, an Engineer, an Educationists, a Consultant, a this, a that (Enough of him already, later in my post I’ll tell you more about him)
7. I am dark, petty, and a naturalist( I’m definitely gonna tell you how I started that journey)
8. The day I download twitter, I understood everything about twitter. *Achievement worth celebrating*😂
9. I love reading; story books, novels, magazines, newspapers etc especially mystery and romance series.
10. At a point in my life, I wanted to work in a Criminal Investigating Department because of No 9. plus the novel *Mysteries of Benson Street* induced it.
It is more than 10 though, weird ones cooking!


The Journey Begins


We can’t eat without spilling on ourselves or eat hot meals without the head scratch. 😂😂We wear the same pair of jeans 3days in a row.( don’t deny it, i ain’t either). We are very much alike whether or not you like it.😋
Anyways, Welcome to my new website! This is where I’m going to share ALL OF MY adventures, natural hair journey(Yeah! I’m a naturalist), fashion tips,hot deals and other amazing stuffs with you.
Looking back I never imagined this is where life was going to take me though I had always liked writing. I still remember walking into the University, unsure of my future and what it would entail.( still unsure, though this is a tip of the iceberg, wait for it!)
Fast-forward to today and here we are, navigating through my very first blog post, reminiscing about the past and anxious to share the future.

Tag along for my upcoming posts.

Thank you ❤❤